Webshop & Give A Little Donations

We have our own Webshop which helps generate band funds. If you purchase goods through this link the band receives a percentage of the price of the goods taken from the retailers advertising budget. The cost to you is exactly the same as buying online directly. There is also a Donation reminder toolbar on the site which can be used to let you know if a retailer you might be going to buy from is involved with our Webshop. (Please make sure you are happy with your privacy settings before using the toolbar)

 Since starting the Webshop we have raised over £2300.

Why not give it a try and share the link with your friends?

Click on the logo below to link to easyfundraising and start contributing to band funds.

We are now able to receive donations using Give a Little so if you would like to support the band in this way please use the Link below. We are always grateful for any donation no matter how big or small.

Give A Little Donations