Ridley Hall

Ridley Hall was a favourite venue for our annual residential weekends but has now been sold and no longer available .

We had some good times and happy memories as detailed below!

The band had another very successful trip to Ridley Hall in February 2013 for our annual residential weekend.  The weekend offered a chance for some extended rehearsal time and sectional rehearsals to concentrate on certain pieces.

Of course there is always time for some recreational activities between rehearsals including the annual Mr Hignetts Allstars V Rest of the Word football match on Saturday afternoon.

Team Photos

A complex system of intra-match team adjustments, variable match length timing and the Next Goal wins rule (as long as its the Allstars) led to another inevitable victory for Mr Hignetts Allstars. The latest in an incredible run of unbroken victories.

Sunday saw us all up bright and breezy (?) for a final rehearsal preparing for the afternoon concert for friends and family.

Ridley Hall Concert

Gabriels Oboe Clarinet

Gabriels Oboe/Clarinet

Trumpet Power

Trumpet Power

Big thanks from the band to David Lamb and Bev Bookless for organising the weekend.

Steve Quilliam and Hillary Gordon for volunteering to be responsible adults.

Mr Hignett for directing us (musically at least)

Mick Dwyer for the concert photos.

We look forward to our return next year in 2014

The band a had a lovely weekend away for our annual residential weekend at Ridley Hall 2014


Sadly the atrocious weather precluded for the first time in living history the usual football match between Mr Hignetts team V the Rest of the World. There was also disappointment for those band members who sneaked off to watch Sunderland beat Newcastle in the afternoon and on the Rugby field with France narrowly beating England in the last few minutes of the match.

There was however better news on the Snooker table later in the evening with Mr Hignett and John K taking on all comers to win the annual PCB Snooker World Championships fair and square (on this occaision)

This victory was in the face of an inordinate degree of cheating and unsporting behaviour from all directions. Those band members know who they are!

Here we see the kind of thing the champions were up against.


Mr Hignett sadly had to leave us on Sunday but the the band had a valuable morning rehearsal under the baton of our illustrious chairman Steve Quil i’am, followed by a short informal concert for friend and family.